Mar 08

lotionthief said: Remember like a month or two ago you reblogged that post about 8bit And Up and ANOTHER video games type store in the city? what was its name? and have you personally visited either of them?

Here’s the post. The other one is just called VideoGamesNewYork. I’ve never been to either, but next time I’m in the city I definitely gotta make a point to go (and to have a decent amount of money, because I’m sure I’ll end up spending a lot of it)! For a moment I thought you meant this store, which is another one I’d like to visit. Luckily, that’s only in Pennsylvania. It’s way on the other side of the state, so it would actually be a longer trip to get there than to either of the ones in New York, but I want to go on a road trip anyway, hah.

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